May 31 to June 4, 2010 Grade 3/4 Room 9 patrick Airlie Elemnetary (.pdf)

Examples of student work completed in the University School.

Personalized learning opportunities

An incredible array of resources and expertise are available at the University of Calgary. Being immersed in the rich life of campus, teachers and students experience research and investigation at the source and have opportunities to engage in goal setting for the future.

Ideas for inspiration could include:

  • Observing and reflecting on the diverse collections of art
  • Engaging in research and inquiries from various perspectives
  • Interacting with different faculties and fields of experts
  • Discovering life on campus

What They're Saying

Exposure to a university at such an early stage in their lives may motivate these children to pursue a university education in the future. Many of the children who participate do not come from homes where post-secondary education has been modeled. I expect we’ll see some of these kids back here in ten years. I believe this is valuable learning experience and would recommend it for all students. Hopefully it will give them an idea about the various careers, and impress upon them the importance of studying and working to the best of their ability. They were very excited to come to the university and were surprised that there was more than one building. Making slime and playing in the gym were very special. Interviewing was very meaningful. Students were very interested in the art work and sculptures.

Two pictures of kids playing at the science centre.