Build strong relationships; inspire ownership and stewardship

Examples of student work completed in the Stampede School.

A landmark of Alberta’s rich history, Stampede Park offers a unique environment for teachers and students to participate in experiences that cultivate appreciation of western heritage and values. At Stampede School, students work alongside experts, making the past come alive, the present relevant and the future full of possibilities.

Ideas for inspiration could include:

  • Interacting with a professional horse trainer and her equine partners
  • Exploring the rich culture of the First Nations
  • Discovering western culture through the eyes of artists, cowboys, and poets
  • Investigating Alberta’s changing agricultural industry

What They're Saying

“Although I was born and raised in Calgary, I learned more about our city in one day than in the rest of my life. The Grain Academy was very entertaining and informative. It was interesting to learn about the grain we grow here in our province and watch the model train travel from Calgary to Vancouver, which is the largest port of its kind in the world. The video about the “Way it Was” also gave us a better appreciation for how easy our work is today in comparison. The Union Cemetery tour was an interactive way to learn more about those who established our city and also gave the students a chance to share what they learned in their research. The students were able to learn and teach each other in an enjoyable setting. It was a fun and action packed day!”

- Parent

Two pictures of kids playing at the science centre.
The Science School is sponsered in part by: The Chevron Open Minds School Program and Telus World of Science Calgary.