Customized to meet individual needs

Examples of student work completed in the Cross Conservation School.

Cross Conservation School is nestled within 4800 acres of natural parkland in the foothills. Teachers and students learn how we are all connected to the natural world and have opportunities to explore the conservation of the environment and its wild species.

Ideas for inspiration could include:

  • Fostering environmental stewardship through hands-on experiential investigation in the outdoors
  • Exploring plant and wildlife adaptations in a natural setting
  • Discovering the rich diversity of the cultural heritage of the landscape
  • Connecting with the natural environment and exploring the wonders of forests, grasslands and ponds

What They're Saying

"I hear the soft sound of birds in the distance, but I can not tell what bird it is. I can hear more than one. I hear the gentle wind quietly rushing past the bushes where I sit. I can slightly hear the sounds of a little cricket jumping around in the distance. I smell the fresh scent of the trees around me, I hear the sound of a hawk rising through the air. If you listen ever so carefully you can hear the bugs busily rushing to their home. All these sounds put together and you get the sound of the spirit of the forest."

- Student

Two pictures of kids playing at the cross conservation school.
The Science School is sponsered in part by: The Chevron Open Minds School Program and Telus World of Science Calgary.