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Hawkwood school,
websites created by team 8 students.

Examples of student work completed in the Bird School.

School Information

The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, an urban Natural Park, provides students and teachers unique opportunities to interact with the environment and experience the complex interactions between humankind and the natural world.

Ideas for inquiry include:

  • Developing attitudes of Environmental Stewardship and responsibility
  • Investigating resident and migratory animals, endangered species and spaces 
  • Exploring forest, grassland, shrub and wetland habitats.
  • Studying plant and animal interactions and adaptations
  • Appraising Ecological Footprints
  • Appreciating Urban Ecology
  • Understanding the importance of Biodiversity
  • Living the Alberta Science Curriculum

What They're Saying

The primary highlight was seeing every student engaged in their learning. The program was frankly invaluable. My son grew to appreciate everything from the contents of an owls’ pellet and the beauty of a grazing deer to the flight pattern of a woodpecker and the opportunity to compost his apple core.

Two pictures of kids playing at the science centre.
The Science School is sponsered in part by: The Chevron Open Minds School Program and Telus World of Science Calgary.